About Broadway: 1000 Steps

Through the implementation of BROADWAY: 1000 Steps, City as Living Laboratory seeks to establish New York City’s iconic avenue as its ‘green’ corridor where current and planned sustainability initiatives can be brought to the awareness of every citizen at street level. To do this Mary Miss has developed an interactive Toolkit: sculptural and graphic installations (mirrors on green poles and pavement markings), smart phone applications, and live events will map critical issues along the length of Broadway. Site specific and human-scale, the proposed B/ CaLL interventions will literally and symbolically reflect the viewer and decode the immediate surroundings

The long-term goal of B/CaLL is to foster an incremental transformation of Broadway into a place where citizens can come to see new ideas about the future of the City. CaLL hopes to develop a replicable practice to spark dialogue, and promote action for sustainable urban life through art/science/community collaboration and to serve as a model other parts of New York City and locales across the country. The CaLL Framework is emerging from a process of inquiry and exchange between artists and designers, research scientists, municipal policy makers, local community groups, and academic partners. This inquiry and exchange along with major environmental initiatives such as PlaNYC, the City’s long-term sustainability plan, has helped established the B/CaLL primary areas of concern: Land, Water, Energy, Air, Waste, and Life. The areas of focus and learning goals are also based, in part, on partnerships with schools, universities, civic and cultural institutions which have enriched the B/CaLL initiative through feedback, joint programming, research, and student projects that offer proposals to meet the CaLL challenge: to make sustainability tangible through the arts.